BlackHeart Feri

“When you are confused about power, remember love.”
~ Victor Anderson

BlackHeart is a family of initiates and students of the Feri Tradition of witchcraft. Our lineage was founded by Karina BlackHeart and is closely descended from Victor and Cora Anderson. Karina’s teacher studied directly with Victor and Cora, and we are the recipients of the simple, subtle, and powerful wisdom and magic that the Andersons cultivated in their later years, the distillation of a lifetime of experience.

Our name reveals something of our nature and ethic. The Black Heart of Innocence is the part of all of us that knows its own perfection and is free in its own desires, untouchable by fear, shame, or guilt. It shines darkly with the beauty of wild love.

Love is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are fierce and tender in our love, and
we are ferocious in defense of our beloveds. We engage in ecstatic relation with ourselves in all of our parts – human, wild, and divine – and with the land, the gods, and the living world around us.

We cultivate Self Possession, bringing clear presence to our work in all worlds. We are trained to never allow anything to come between us and our highest selves.

We tend to ourselves, to each other, to our world, and to the turning of the stars in the sky.
Some of us are very public in our work, others more private. All of us are dedicated to walking with compassion, integrity, intention, and power in ways that bless all worlds.