About BlackHeart Feri

“Feri is not therapy for witches”
~ BlackHeart

BlackHeart Feri is a branch of the Feri Tradition as descended through Victor and Cora Anderson (founders of Feri Tradition).  The lineage was founded, developed and taught by an Initiate of both The Third Road and Feri Tradition Witchcraft. BlackHeart combines traditional Feri teachings with a sprinkling of Third Road exercises and a strong helping of personal contributions.

We are one of the few lines of Feri only lightly influenced by the BloodRose lineage. There is a strong shamanic emphasis on ecstatic experience coupled with practical application; a focus on full integration, embodiment and Be-ing the Craft rather than doing it; the development of personal power and responsibility; communion with and possession by divinities; the development of a Lover/Warrior Ethic; and of course, the unending pursuit of BlackHearted Innocence so integral to working this level of magic with integrity and sincerity.

BlackHeart Feri no longer accepts new students wishing to train with its founder but several initiates may agree to training if approached respectfully.  Among our goals as a Craft lineage is the development of powerful, ethical Witches whose magic is consistently effective and whose devotion to the Gods is unshakable. Students train rigorously for many years while trust and friendships develop not only between student and teacher, but among all initiates and students of the line.  BlackHeart is not only a lineage of Feri Tradition, but a close knit family with members spanning the United States and Europe.