BlackHeart Feri Radio

BlackHeart Feri Radio

Karina BlackHeart talks Feri Tradition Witchcraft. 
Live calls, interviews, rants and raves, discourse and discussion.  No topic is off the table.  Get your Souls Aligned, get your Kala Cup, buckle your seatbelt and keep your hands inside the ride at all times.
There are rules for playing in my yard.  Personal attacks, rudeness and disrespect (for all parties present and unaccounted for) will not be tolerated.  Please be respectful.  I will not hesitate to cut short or disconnect callers who cannot abide by these simple rules.

Sometimes, we’ll be taking live calls.  Sometimes there will be live interviews and other times there will be pre-recorded interviews.

My sincere desire is that this be a place where we can discuss our Craft practices, ethics, beliefs and perceptions respectfully across lineages.


Tune in Every Monday 8pm EST

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Blessings of Love and Power

Here, the veil between the worlds is thin.
Dark Magic/Bright Promise draw you in.
The Gates of  Love and Power open
Though the Mysteries still can’t be spoken.

We’ve been busy cooking up some amazing magic in our metaphysical kitchen.  We’ve set the table with plate and cup, knife and candle.  The bell rings, calling you to your place.  Come.  Sit down.  Listen deeply.  Join the conversation. Drink, laugh, eat and be merry.  But, observe your hosts and the rules of conduct:  Make no mistake.  Our Ways are old.  Patience, practice, sincerity and fortitude will take you far for we are fey, fierce, feral, fervent. ’Not civilized, but kinder.’  At our table a banquet is laid containing the fruits of our labor and Craft:
Poetry, spells, lore, lecture, love and liturgy are served up alongside science, cosmology, prayer, laughter, art, good manners, strong ethics, dark sex and glistening pride.  Strong incense lies heavy in the air. Candle flames cast shadows in bright mirrors. The juice in the cup is blood red.  There’s a buzzing, buzzing, buzzing in your head. Open the book.  Turn the pages.  The wisdom you seek lies hidden in plain sight.  Voices rise in a cacophony and fall to near silent whisper. There’s magic here:  Herbs and unguents, glamour and enchantment, spirits and song, invocation and blessing, fair warning and the mysteries of star light, vision, truth and blood.

Welcome to the Black Heart of Feri Tradition.

Come back often.  The menu changes on a whim or a moon or a season.

New Workshop: Iron Pentacle Series

pentacle2The Iron Pentacle Series, facilitated by Karina BlackHeart is likely the most intensive Iron Pentacle training available outside formal Feri Training.

We focus on each Point of the Pentacle –Sex, Self, Passion, Pride and Power– for eight weeks, from September 2013 through December 2014.  During this time, we examine our assumptions, beliefs and habits as we engage with rituals of purification, devotion and empowerment.

Students are invited to attend one or all parts in the series.

Registration is currently open for In the Name of Pride.

continue reading

Ana’s Gift.

By Aspen.

It  must have happened early this morning: the little grey flycatcher died and landed in my backyard.  I don’t know if it fell or just died of old age, but I didn’t find any signs of it having been attacked.  When I found it laying there, blank eyes staring into Ana’s own, I stopped as though dead myself.  “An offering,” I thought. Continue reading

A Birthright. With Sean Donahue

Victor Anderson described Feri as Stone Age magic — an expression of the same power, the same technologies, the same gnosis that guided our earliest ancestors, experienced in this time and place.

The magic created by people and plants working together has been part of the human experience since the Paleolithic.   The magic of the plants themselves is older than human culture or human memory.
Science tells us that we stem from the same ancestors as plants.   Continue reading