A Samhain Summoning


A Samhain Summoning

October 20-23, 2017
New Hampshire


For over a decade, the Students and Initiates of the BlackHeart Lineage of the Feri Witchcraft Tradition have been gathering at Samhain. It’s our annual reunion — a time for cozy conversation, in depth magical exploration and powerful magic.

Several years ago, a book describing our Gathering was published. We were devestated at the betrayal of a former student, and for our loss of privacy.

Something happened, though. New Students made reference to the Gathering they’d read about. Others began to enquire whether I’d consider holding such a Gathering for members of the larger Feri Tradition and Craft communities.

After much consideration, I’m happy to announce the answer is a resounding, YES!


I am thrilled to announce the first annual Samhain Summoning and to extend an invitation to you!  Here, we are co-creating a strong container within which we will share power and vulnerability, laughter and intensity, the Magic of the Land, the Old Ones and the Ancestors.  We’ll also share bedrooms, bathrooms, cooking, clean-up and chores!  The Summoning must be a space of great respect for one another’s magical Ways and individual indiosyncracies. That said, this is not a space for co-signing or coddling disruptive behavior or dismissive language.  Here, we will share stories of Witchcraft. Here, we’ll discuss our role in the rapidly changing world and our visions for its reparation. Here, we’ll call upon the Unseen Realms to enjoin with us in setting the world aright.  Here we’ll step through fearful imaginings toward making manifest our far-visioning. This is deep magic. This is powerful healing. This is danger and delight, darkness and light, the infusing of magic into the mundane.

And, did I mention . . . .

This is a gathering of Witches!
In a Castle!
In New England!
For FOUR days!


Our venue is a modern-day, off the grid Castle on dozens of private acres in southern New Hampshire. The grounds include beautiful views of Mount Monadnok, walking trails, a lake with canoes and row-boats, a beach for bonfires, a hot tub for Witch Soup and a great grassy hill perfect for rolling down!  Inside, there are plenty of bedrooms and dormitory-style sleep spaces. There are plenty of bathrooms, midieval decor, secret passageways and tower rooms! The fireplaced great room (with baby grand piano) is transformed into our Temple for the weekend. There are many private spaces for alone-time or intimate conversation. The public spaces are conducive to a gathering of this size.


We have space for 18 participants. Because of the nature of the event, we’ll be screening applicants to assure everyone attending is a good fit.  Please send an email stating your desire to attend The Samhain Summoning. We’ll get back to you with a breif questionaire.

This gathering is all-inclusive of lodging, meals, ceremonies, workshops and discussions. We can accommodate most dietary needs.  There are no alcohol or drugs at this event.

Transportation:  There is a strict limit to the number of cars allowed at the venue. If we surpass that number, cars will need to be parked some miles away at a grocery-store parking lot for the weekend.  There will be an online space set up for participants to arrange carpooling. If you are flying in, your best options are Manchester, NH or Boston, MA.

There is a fixed-payment-scale based upon your income level.  Low: $504  Mid: $621  Upper: $738  There are a variety of payment plans available. However, all deposits of $175 must be received by June 1 to hold your place. Once the venue secured (on June 2), no refunds can be made. Balances are due in full no later than September 1.