Ha Prayer for Soul Alignment

Core to the Feri Tradition is the Ha Prayer for Soul Alignment.  It is a simple exercise which generates profound results in the practitioner.  Karina Blackheart recommends practicing the Ha Prayer for Soul Alignment and studying the associated information* prior to enrolling in any of the workshops offered on this site and for anyone wishing to deepen your magical/spiritual practice by aligning your  three-fold spirit (rational, animal and divine).

For a full length guided audio of Soul Alignment go here.
And for audio lecture plus guided exercise on Soul Alignment go to Foundations at Crafting the Witch.


* Please contact Karina Blackheart directly if  you have questions about your experience with the Guided Spiritual Practice or are interested in learning more about Soul Anatomy, the Three-fold Spirit, how the Ha Prayer for Soul Alignment works and why it is the foundation upon which all Feri Magic rests.  Karina will keep you apprised of upcoming teleconferencing dates when this information will be shared.

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