Feri Tradition Training in the BlackHeart Lineage

BlackHeart Feri RadioBlackHeart Feri no longer accepts new students wishing to train with Karina BlackHeart, but several initiates may agree to training if approached respectfully.

Among our goals as a Craft lineage is the development of powerful, ethical Witches whose magic is consistently effective and whose devotion to the Gods is unshakable.

Students train rigorously for many years while trust and friendships develop not only between student and teacher, but among all initiates and students of the line.

BlackHeart is not only a lineage of Feri Tradition, but a close knit family with members spanning the United States and Europe.


The BlackHeart Feri Lineage subscribes to the position that Craft Teachers, Healers, Readers and Ritualists should be compensated for our Work in the world. As such, all students of the Lineage submit monthly tuition payments for Training on a fixed sliding scale. In order to accommodate those who are unable to meet even the base tuition requirement–roughly 1/3 of all students–we are accepting donations to help subsidize their tuition. We ask those members of the lineage — both students and initiates — as well as those outside the lineage who support the work we do, to contribute to the Scholarship Fund. Currently, BlackHeart Feri has not filed for 501c3 status, so your contributions are not tax-deductible. We gladly accept your one time donation in any amount–use the DONATE button. If you are able, you might choose a recurring monthly contribution using the SUBSCRIBE button.


Monthly Recurring Donation